Truth About Driving Without Car Insurance

Car insurance is a must for every car owner. Not only does it prevent you from serving jail time in case of a nasty lawsuit with an unfavorable verdict. It also protects you from incurring heavy financial losses. You may lose any real estate you have just to pay your accident bills.

Depending on the State laws, the consequences for being caught driving your car without the necessary auto insurance varies. However, in most cases, you are required to show proof of your auto insurance, whenever you are stopped by a police officer.

In case the police officer finds out that you do not have car insurance, you will be required to appear before a court. When that happens, you will face charges such as court fees, fines, and crew assignment.

You will also be forced to obtain the necessary insurance for your car, which will naturally be more expensive. On some occasions, driving without insurance will cause you to serve jail time and have your driver’s license suspended.

Now, if you are involved in a car accident and don’t even have budget car insurance, you will face more serious consequences. You will be liable for medical expenses of the injured passengers and or car driver. If you are injured as well, then you have to pay for your own medical bills.

If the physical damages are not severe, you may have to pay few thousand dollars. If the damages are serious, the medical procedure can cost you tens of thousands, sometimes, a hundred thousand dollars. Having car insurance put this cost onto the insurance company.

Besides medical expenses, you will have to pay for car repair cost, for other party or yours. If the car of the other party is totaled, then you will have to replace their car.

You will also have to serve jail time, have your driver’s license suspended, and face penalties. Simply put, you will have legal and financial nightmares. It would not be very hard if you have the resources to shoulder all expenses. If your savings are not enough though, then you will have to sell some of your assets.

There are cases however, when you have to claim compensation from the other party’s car insurance company. This happens when the other driver is at fault. The process can be tiresome as you will have to submit the claim to the insurance carrier.

In some cases, the insurance carrier will refuse to pay the compensation, prompting you to file lawsuit against them. In other States, each car owner will collect payment from their respective insurance company.

Getting insurance for your car should not be expensive. If you want to keep your savingsFree Reprint Articles, you should be on time paying for your car insurance premium. Get your insurance before you have an accident or are stopped by a policeman. If you have an accident your insurance will be much higher than if you bought it before the accident.a